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The Big Killing Photos

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Peter Ashbury used to live on the edge of life in his racing days. Now, forced into retirement by his team after several crashes too many, he is bored of life and broke, having gambled away all his wife (Mary)’s money. So when Charles Barcher drunkenly agrees a bet of £25,000 to knock off his own wife – Liz – it’s just too good an opportunity to miss.

The game is on – now all he has to do is get away with it.

Abusing Mary’s misplaced loyalty towards him, Peter’s careful planning immediately has Inspector Fowler and Sergeant Bassett’s suspicions directed her way, much to the distress of her admirer – Gavin Cole. However, there’s a problem: Charles won’t pay the bet and threatens to go to the police.

Time for plan B.

As the case against Mary falls through, Peter now casts suspicion onto Charles. Enlisting the help of Gavin, the pair plot to deal out their own justice on the ‘murderer’. But Gavin has his doubts. Is murder too desperate a remedy, and can he really be sure that Charles is guilty?

A gripping climax follows, and only as the curtain comes down do we discover if Peter emerges home and dry, or if he’s all washed up!

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