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Cast Announcement

(in order of appearance)

Jessica Bligh – Debbie Blake

Inspector Fremont – Paul Langston

Constable Walters – Alison Williams

Charley Mirren – Rob Jackson

Hugo – Gary Frost

Diane – Sarah Murray

Paul – Kevin Fairbrother

Directed by Larriane Maddison

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When Chief Constable Bligh accompanies her friend Diane Tulliver home to Dysart Hall after a night at the opera they arrive to a horrifying scene. Diane’s husband Paul has been shot dead and ex-convict Charley Mirren is standing over him bearing a gun.

It appears to be an open-and-shut case for Jessica Bligh, but as she and her colleague Inspector Fremont probe further they discover all is not what it seems. 

Through a series of flashbacks and re-enactments of the events leading up to Paul’s death, we soon find it is not just the murderer’s identity that is in question.

Murder Weapon is an ingeniously plotted, highly tense thriller from Brian Clements, creator of The Avengers and author of Inside Job, Without Trace and Strictly Murder.










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