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Members Profiles

 ian 2Ian Greatorex

I have been with Beeston Players now for ten years and have been in all but four plays in all that time, that’s about 15 plays in a row,and for the last three years I have been Chairman.
Before joining Beeston players I had some experience in performing. I was with a youth Drama club for three and a half years and before that I was in several school productions. I enjoy being part of a really good team who all join together to put ian 3on very good quality productions and it’s important to point out that the show would not be possible if it wasn’t for team work and all pulling together when the time comes. I’m proud to be part of such a great bunch of ian 1people.
The first photo is me at one of the Lord Mayors Ball’s, Anne and I have been to most of them for the last six years. The one with the striped Jacket was “Over my Dead Body” in which I played a recently widowed man and the one with Bow tie “Was No Dinner for Sinners” in which I played an Americal Business man. (The accent I must admit was a little dodgy).


001-2009-PB537542Dave Roberts

I joined the group to get out and meet people. As an ex-roadie I was interested in the technical side but got bitten by the stage bug…. It has pushed me in many areas, particularly in learning scripts and interaction

with other people. I have no ambition to direct a performance or join the committee – I’ll happily stay rowing while someone else does the steering.

I prefer comedy to ‘straight’ acting but the variety of performances allows me to choose what I audition for. If I don’t have a part I can always help out with front of house – there’s always tea to make!



003-2014-PB537547Alison Williams

Occupation: Library Assistant

I joined Beeston Players soon after leaving school, and soon caught the acting bug. It’s now become part of my life.

It’s a great hobby, I love the acting, but being a smallish group we all ‘muck in’ with everything, It’s a friendly group, and working together to put on a production needs good teamwork. We also have a lot of social events, and a lot of fun in rehearsals, especially the comedies!

As I’ve been with Beeston Players a long while, I’ve done a lot of roles. However I often get cast as the murderer, or the dotty old lady, so its nice to get a part where I can dress up and look nice.

Most of my favourite parts have been in comedies, but I also like a good serious role you can get your teeth into.


 002-2013-PB537545Gary Frost

Profession: IT/Computers

I joined Beeston Players in Feb 2015. My wife had joined earlier and had been cast in the May 2015 production and helping her learn her lines I had a pretty good idea of the play. Another member that had been cast dropped out and for some reason (must have been a good day) I volunteered to take his place!

One of the best things I ever did. It is completely different from my day job. I never had any ambitions to appear on stage or anything but I absolutely love it now. The group are so welcoming and I feel really part of the team – so much so I also got voted onto the committee!

Even if you never considered appearing on stage there are a lot of other jobs behind the scenes. It has really boosted me emotionally and confidence wise. I would recommend it to anyone!


May 2015 – Sylvia’s Wedding – Gordon

Nov 2015 – Business Affairs – Sven