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Profile – Abbie Maddison

Abbie Maddison

010-2021-PB537565I first joined Beeston Players in September 2004. They were already reading for their next play: Play On which in turn became my first performance on stage with them and still to this day is my favourite play I’ve performed with them.

I’ve been with the group for 11 years and have to say I’ve never felt at home with a more eclectic, diverse and brilliant bunch of people. Of course we’ve seen people come and go within the group but the core of us has always stayed the same and those people really make the group what it is.

I enjoy being in Beeston Players, and I’ve tried my hand within pretty much every area that requires involvement for a performance. Of course my favourite area is acting and have been in at least 1 play a year for the past 11 years but getting involved in other areas and working as a team is what the group is all about.

I have many other hobbies most of which are creative: Cake Baking/Decorating, Archery, Photography, Snowboarding, Singing and Reading.

The thrill of acting on stage and making people laugh plus the comfortable friendly atmosphere that Beeston Players create is what keeps me coming back for more with this group.