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Profile – Alison Williams

003-2014-PB537547Alison Williams

Occupation: Library Assistant

I joined Beeston Players soon after leaving school, and soon caught the acting bug. It’s now become part of my life.

It’s a great hobby, I love the acting, but being a smallish group we all ‘muck in’ with everything, It’s a friendly group, and working together to put on a production needs good teamwork. We also have a lot of social events, and a lot of fun in rehearsals, especially the comedies!

As I’ve been with Beeston Players a long while, I’ve done a lot of roles. However I often get cast as the murderer, or the dotty old lady, so its nice to get a part where I can dress up and look nice.

Most of my favourite parts have been in comedies, but I also like a good serious role you can get your teeth into.