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Profile – Lloyd and Trish Delderfield

Lloyd and Trish Delderfield

Our first AmDram experience was in 1977 when we were working in Kuwait. I appeared in the majority of the pantos and many comedies whilst Trish was in the chorus of the musicals, and prompt for the plays during our 10 year stay. I wrote the words whilst my Swedish neighbour and his band played the music to a spoof Western. We had to get the approval of the Cultural Police before we could go ahead as the finale was a Can-Can with scantily clad ladies flashing their knickers. Needless to say, the front two rows of seats were quickly sold out.

Moving to Portugal, we were instrumental in setting up The Algarveans theatre group with 8 other keen AmDramers. Once again I appeared in the majority of the pantos (one as director) and many other productions in various capacities, whilst Trish enjoyed her singing and prompting. The Algarveans are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year (2016).

We joined the Beeston Players last year and hope to continue our love of Amateur Dramatics with this cheerful and friendly group.